10 cool uses for tennis balls

So what can you do with old tennis balls? Tennis balls can be amazing around the house. Check out this list of what you can do with old tennis balls.

  1. Remove scuff marks- With just a light rub of a tennis ball, watch scuff marks get erased.
  1. Childproof your home- Cut a slit into a tennis ball and stick it on the corners of sharp desks.

  3. Clean a pool- Leave a few tennis balls in the skimmer of your pool, and the balls will trap oils.

  1. Hold money- Make a slit into a tennis ball and just squeeze it to open it.
  1. Foot massage
  1. Jar opener- Cut a tennis ball in half, and use the grippy outer surface as a jar opener.
  1. Under chairs- Protect floors from being scratched
  1. Packing materials- Tennis balls can be used as cushions in boxes to absorb shock. 
  1. Lower your water bill- Save money and use less water by placing a tennis ball in your water tank, less water will be used each time you flush.
  1. Donate them to us- Do you just have a too many tennis balls to deal with? Contact us and we’ll take care of it.

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